27 Feb 2012

2012 masters open swim meet

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After a year off, February 2012 saw the return of the old swim meet but in new surroundings.

Isle of Wight Marlins Swim Club were delighted to have the opportunity to hold the meet at Medina Lesiure Centre making use of all the new pool equipment which was purchased for last year’s Island Games. We were also thankful that so many of the officials who took part in the Island Games were able to help at this year’s event coming from the Isle of Wight, Hampshire and beyond.

More than 100 swimmers from 23 clubs took part including three clubs from the Isle of Wight – Marlins, West Wight and IW Swim Team with West Wight boasting the largest team and winning gold, silver and bronze in the relay events. We were pleased to welcome swimmers from Italy and Germany making it a truly international event.

Competing for Marlins were Jenny Ball, Linsey Shenton, Barney Miller and Kim Holmes with Kim achieving golds and personal best times in two of her events.

Winning team - Ruislip and Northwood

The winning team for the Heights Perpetual Trophy went to Ruislip and Northwood with Otter and Royal Navy coming 2nd and 3rd.

Top lady swimmers with 24 points each were Gina Hobson (Otter) swimming in C group and Jane Asher (Kings Cormorants) swimming in M group

Both these ladies are holders of masters records, though none were broken at this meet, the first time for 12 years! The beautiful, sculptured glass trophy, donated by Paul Critchley of Diamond Isle Sculptured Glass, was awarded to Gina as she had several swimmers in her age group whom she had to beat. Jane at 81 was the only M group competitor! The runner up with 23 points was Michelle Matson (group B) of Basingstoke Bluefins.

Top male swimmer with 22 points went to Terry Wright (group F) of Kings Cormorants and runner up with 21 points was Peter Stephens (group J) Royal Navy.

Amy Sambell - top female senior swimmer

Awards to top senior swimmers, 18-24 years

Female:  three way tie on points to Amy Sambell 24 (Andover), Samantha Crosbie 22 (Andover) and Jess Trevellick 24 (Otter),  all with 10 points. As Amy had entered the most events, she was awarded the Sculptured Glass trophy, after a difficult decision by the organisers.

Male:  Matthew Barber 19, West Wight with 21 points and joint 5th place overall.

(L-R) Lindsey Shenton and Jenny Ball - IOW Marlins, Roma Kiely - Spencer, Louise Mittins and Jeannie Roberts - Royal Navy



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