16th Isle of Wight Masters Open Meet at Medina Leisure Centre (25m), Points Ranking

3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place and so on: summary.

All swimmers

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1st Ruislip & Northwood, 319 points

2nd West Wight, 121 points

3rd Eastleigh, 78 points

4th Isle of Wight Marlins, 69 points

5th Kings Cormorants, 52 points

6th Barking & Dagenham Aquatics, 46 points

7th Littledown, 41 points

8th Romsey & Totton, 33 points

9th Havant & Waterlooville, 31 points

10th Brighton Dolphins, 25 points

11th Royal Navy, 24 points

= SSGNeptun-Germering, 24 points

13th Stowmarket, 20 points

14th Nuotot Academy, 18 points

15th Fareham Nomads, 15 points

16th Winchester City Penguins, 12 points

17th Basingstoke Blue Fins, 11 points

18th Leicester Masters, 10 points

19th Bournemouth Dolphins, 5 points

20th Poole, 4 points

21st Guildford City, 3 points