2013 pier to pier sea swim

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Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part in the Sandown to Shanklin 2013 pier to pier swim. 

The 61st Sandown to Shanklin Sea Swim organised by the Isle of Wight Marlins Swim Club as part of Shanklin Regatta was held on 4th August 2013 with a start time of 12.00 noon.  The main organisers were Duncan Heenan and Nancy Godwin assisted by Lindsey Shenton and Maureen O’Flynn and a team from the club and local residents.

The day dawned bright, clear, and sunny but with some wind causing the sea conditions to be a little lumpy and wavy.  Water temperatures were around 19 degrees all making for a more challenging swim than we had experience in recent years  This year the swim proved to be more popular than ever filling to our maximum number of 120 entrants within five days after sending out entry forms and then had a further 50 entrants on a waiting.  Due to the increased interest this year and in order that we may increase the numbers of swimmers able to take part Duncan Heenan made an appeal to through the local papers and radio for extra voluntary kayakers.  The appeal was so successful that we were able to increase the number from 120 to 150 and thereby offering places to a further 30 swimmers on the waiting list making this our biggest swim ever.  The swim was again part of the Shanklin Regatta which meant that it attracted a substantial number of spectators at both the start and the finish.  Always we have people who drop out on the day and this year there were13 in addition to swimmers who had cancelled in the one or two days leading up the swim. Only one of these places was filled by a swimmer who took the chance and turned up on the day in the hope of a cancellation.  So at the start of the race we finally had 129 swimmers enter the water however only 125 actually finished the race as the challenging conditions prove a step too far for 4 of the swimmers who decided to retire. However all these 4 swimmers were brought ashore safely and without fuss by the coordinated work of the on-water team.  To avoid congestion at the first turning mark we always start the men’s race 2 minutes ahead of the ladies which gives the ladies a clear run as far as the mark however it is never long before the leading ladies start to catch up and overtake the men.  In fact this year the leading lady’s time was only 8 seconds slower than the leading man.

Bob Cooper, our race referee, managed to secure a Public Announcement system this year and it was put to excellent use at Shanklin when announcing the trophy winners and their results. The rowing club had completed some work to the outside of the building and this provided a raised platform on which we were able to present the trophies and which also enabled a clear view for the swimmers on the beach who had stayed for the presentation.  The trophies this year were presented by Gordon Osborne who had been one of the main organisers up until last year but had to retire due to ill health.   However we were delighted to welcome him back and hope to see him again at future events.

The first swimmer to complete the 1¾ mile course and land at Shanklin Rowing club, near where the old Shanklin Pier used to stand, was Dave Warren of Otter Swimming Club in a time of 35 minutes 35 seconds.  The first lady was Michelle Senecal, of Otter Swimming Club, who crossed the line in a time of 35 minutes 43 seconds.  The first Island Lady to finish was Amy Rickards in a time of 38 minutes 30 seconds and the first Island man to finish was Andrew Teague in a time of 40 minutes 59 seconds. The oldest competitor taking part was John Barry who was not attached to a swimming club and he finished in a time of 52 minutes 28 seconds.  The 125th and last swimmer safely made the finish line in a time of 1 hour 43 minutes 44 seconds and he arrived to the sound of hearty applause for his gutsy swim determination to finish. The times of all swimmers were slower this year due to the more challenging sea conditions but they should all be very proud of their achievements in this year’s sea conditions.  On finishing all swimmers were given hot soup, a bread roll which was kindly provided by the ladies of Shanklin Rowing Club.

Safety support for the swim was provide by Sandown Lifeboat who acted as the control boat and included Ryde Inshore Rescue, Shanklin Deep Sea Fishing Club and close swimmer support was provided by the volunteer kayakers, many of whom were from IoW Canoe Club.   The British Red Cross were in attendance and they oversaw full recovery of the swimmers who retired once they were ashore.  We were full of admiration to see the clam, competence of the whole safety team who were totally professional throughout though they are all amateurs and give their time and effort freely out of goodwill towards this event.  What could have been serious problems were headed off and everyone enjoyed the day.  To all of these groups we send our grateful thanks and our thanks also to our ever cheerful and friendly swimmers who make all the preparation and work worthwhile.


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