ASA Volunteers Development Day

This year the HCASA Management Team will be holding the Volunteers Development Day on the 20th September 2015, at the Ark Centre in Basingstoke.

The programme is still be developed, but listed below are the areas that clubs and volunteers have expressed an interest in, although suggestions are welcome:

  • Time to Listen (Child Welfare Officers)
  • Keeping Safe (Safeguarding & Protecting Children)
  • Team Manager training (level 2 – am / level 1 – pm)
  • Presentations by Hants & IoW Partnership staff, about what they do and how they can help your volunteers.
  • Technical Officials Courses (Judges¬† / Referee training)
  • Mentoring (officials CPD course) & for those mentoring Young Aquatic Volunteers.
  • ASA SER update session (including information on disputes resolution/disciplinary procedures/ASA Friends)
  • Club Leaders workshops to assist clubs on all aspects of running a club. Send us details of the subjects you would like covered, ASAP.
  • Licencing for Clubs and Officials on Open Meets
  • Swim 21 Clinic session (share your experiences and gain more information)
  • Young Aquatic Volunteers (YAV) sessions running alongside programme (This will be a separate application form). These are part of a development programme for younger volunteers and will probably include: Keeping Safe in Sports for YAV’s (13+); Aquatic Helpers Certificate.

As usual there will be Tea/Coffee am and pm, as well as lunch for those attending a session in the morning and the afternoon.

The places will be made available are on a 1st come, 1st served basis. However, the Development Day will be opened to other South East/West Region volunteers, plus other sports bodies on or shortly after 6th July 2015, if we fail to fill all the available spaces in the programme slots.

A full programme, workshop prerequisites and the application form will be dispatched to you during March, following further work by the team.

This is an ideal opportunity for volunteers to gain more knowledge, but also meet and ‘network’ with other clubs.

We would be grateful if this information (Date / Venue / Workshop subjects / Young Aquatic Volunteers training) is communicated to ALL your members/volunteers now via noticeboards, emails, websites or meetings.

Should you require more information before, or wish to contribute to the day, we would be happy to hear from you or your club members.


George Adamson
HCASA Swimming Officials Development Officer

This message is from George Adamson, ASA Friend, Past President of Hampshire County ASA and Management Team member; Trustee, Past President and member of City of Southampton SC.